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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


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December 17, 2008



Praying for you, Christopher.

J. Mark Bertrand

Congratulations on the special mention, Chris. it's quite an accomplishment. I assume you're going in to have your neck reinforced to support your now-enlarged head. Seriously, all the best on the surgery and recovery. Keep on writing!

Madison Richards

Wonderful news Chris! Congrats!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday, despite your impending surgery. Lots of time to lay around and enjoy watching and interacting with your four great kids though... :)


Jeanne Damoff

Congratulations, Chris! That's very cool.

I will definitely pray for Jen. And you, of course. But mostly Jen. ;)

Love y'all.

Michelle Pendergrass

Laughing at Mark and the big head joke. :)

Praying for you and Jen.

michael snyder

Yikes...and yuck...and I'll be praying all goes well. My surgery this year was minor-league by comparison, and I still hated it plenty. Hoping and praying all goes well and smoothly and quickly (except for the drugs that make you forget things...wouldn't be terrible if those lasted a while).

Mary DeMuth

May Jesus' presence be very, very near as you go under. May He bring peace and health . . . and extra wherewithal to your wife...

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