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July 21, 2011


deb @ talk at the table

and I am deeply grateful for the time this morning that allowed me to read your words. I have missed you.. but don't want to skim your heart ever.

don't delete your blog or anything until I am caught up okay? ;)

Melissa from the Blue House

Love your words... as always.. and can't wait to read the rest. :)


Some of us believe in coincidences. Some of us don't This wasn't a coincidence.


Thank you for this Jeanne. It speaks to my heart so perfectly, so beautifully. You bless.

Diana Trautwein

Lovely, as usual. Thank you, Jeanne.

Michelle Pendergrass

This: "A kaleidoscope contains mirrors and fragments of colored glass. By itself, each bit of glass is small and unimpressive. But when it becomes part of the whole design and is shifted into the light, we see explosion after explosion of breathtaking beauty."

I want to hang that on my wall.

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks so much, dear friends. I can't wait to share more with you as things unfold.

Michelle, if you make that quote into a visual prayer, I will buy it. :)

Love, Jeanne

Connie@raise your eyes

"We're in this kaleidoscope together by design"...yes, yes! Nothing takes GOD by surprise...and He delights when we truly see that He has done it...

Deborah Carr

You write with such heart and honesty...and the way you patch words together to create brilliance and beauty shines light on each of us who read them.

Miranda Telford

Loved reading this, especially knowing the director. ;) I'm so thankful you and your family have been willing to tell God's story. I was in the DR when you filmed so I would have missed you anyway.

You are right about the Mikeschair guys. They are solid men, out to bring glory to God.

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