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April 28, 2007


Steve Parolini

Hmm...I ran across a rather interesting web page after reading this entertaining post, Chip. Stop by to see what I mean by "interesting."


Great post, Chip. Made me laugh out loud before I finished my morning coffee.

I think we're secretly glad nobody notices us. This way we don't have to go out of the house and join in all those reindeer games. We can happily stay put inside our fictional worlds.

After complete your makeover, will you post your photos? You'll be an inspiration to us all. :-)

Jules Quincy Stephens

No, throw baked beans. Got Hugh Grant a bunch of attention this last week.

You didn't mention the stint at Betty Ford. Have we abandoned that plan?


I'm all over book people being beautiful. Instead of praying for God to give me a message, I'm praying for God to give Oprah a message to call me. Here's the scary part...when the bee-yoo-ti-full people cross camps. Have you seen Pamela Anderson's books?

Donna J. Shepherd

My laptop had a near miss with the coffee I snorted while reading this. Brilliant.

This sounds like something my husband would say, "Who needs Armani cologne when I've still got that bottle of Swank I bought in seventh grade?"

Indeed! Or even a bit of Jade East will do. Funny, Chip. Thanks.

J. Brisbin

Hilarious stuff, Chip. But still pretty meaty. Very Mark Twain.

I see the SciFi channel is running a contest for someone to get a walk-on (and get killed) in a B sci-fi movie. Maybe that's an option? Get a little screen time, get to act really scared as a giant cockroach nibbles on you...

Steve Peacock

Does this mean that we can expect a video-clip of Chip, comb in hand and dancing to the, um, "rhythm" of Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" on

That certainly would give new meaning to the phrase "chip clip." Pass the Doritos, please.

J. Mark Bertrand

I'm just thrilled to see that on the alternate cover Steve linked to above, I made the Beautiful People cut as well, albeit in more of a cameo role. I'd like to thank my stylist, my pilates instructor, and my success coach for making it all possible. And of course, a big shout-out to Chip for breaking down the barriers. I know it must be tough with so many people standing on those shoulders -- not to mention having a secret love for Paris (mais, oui!) -- but he does it with style.

Donna J. Shepherd

Oh, man. I can't even make it onto the cover with Chip. Ah well, what outrageous thing can I do to get attention? Wait - isn't that the point? Thanks. Lesson learned.


Actually, being nibbled on by a giant cockroach isn't so bad. It sort of tickles.


Hilarious! (Who are you kidding? "Need" has nothing to do with American big chests. Trust me on this.)

Claudia Mair

Hey! I just did a photo shoot and I was chic and fabulous, and because I have Jesus I get to live forever, too! You can't get more fabulous than that! So there!

I'm certain I'll make the issue next year. And because you're my agent, you're gonna benefit too, Chipster. I'll have my people call your people.

Mwah. See ya. Love ya. Buh bye. Lets do lunch when we're both in the Springs again.

michael snyder

Wow, what a day to get the mac back. I'm keeping that cover forever and ever, amen.

Funny, funny stuff Chip...and Mark...and everybody else.

Heather Goodman

too bad that satellite missed drew.
and hey, as a musician as well as a writer, no one was changed by a song? just because they weren't changed by the songs of those particular singers... you obviously need some help in that department. i'll send you a mix tape.
oh, and tell some of those beautiful people hi for me. we lost touch when i went the writing route.

Dee Stewart

This is funny, but on my side of the world very true. More and more Christian artists are being pushed to be carbon copies of our beautiful world. Look at the books on book stands. Ministers are air brushed. Gospel artist covers look steamier than the hottiest singer in R & B. Look at myspace page and see my christian friends photos. Look at mine. It's a sad truth.

But let's look even closer at the words that we want to see published. They are prettier than Danny Lynn.

Pray for us.

Smooches, Mair.:) And Steve you are a pickled fool. I got a stomach burning laugh from you. Great exercise.

Jim Sanders

For writers, shouldn't we have a list devoted to most beautiful laptops? :)

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