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November 19, 2007


Deborah Gyapong

Dee, this is powerful and deeply moving. Thanks for being so transparent. And thanks for this "counterintuitive" advice for The Master's Artist to endure the work of waiting, to endure coming to the end of oneself.

This is a far cry, you are right, from deadlines and goal-setting. But there is a season for what you describe and sounds to me like you are taking a wise approach.

I pray that you'll feel surrounded by God's love in this transition you are going through, that you'll get the rest--physical, psychological and spiritual--that you need and that you will come out of this focused and inspired.

You are beautiful.


dee stewart

Thanks, Deb.

I have to say that if I didn't feel safe with the TMA family and our readers I wouldn't be so open. Thanks for helping build such a safe place for artists to share and express themselves.

Madison Richards

It seems sometimes that God must break us to remake us. This is not a bad thing. By all accounts brokenness is right up there with humility and contrition. It is when we are on our knees that almost everywhere is up.

Abundant love and heartfelt prayers are yours Dee!


Michelle Van Loon


This is why we write, isn't it? To remind ourselves we're not alone?

Your words did that for me today. Thank you.


Beautiful girl, broken for rebirth, waiting in mending, finding sanctuary in the Savior's silent arms, holding on with fingers tight and sobs wracking ribs, knowing, somehow knowing, this too shall pass.

Hope--ever present, even in the pitch black darkness of sorrow--we search until we can search no more. Yet it never leaves us. He is with us.

Love you, Dee.

dee stewart

Thanks so much. I hope it helps others.

Jeanne Damoff

"There is more God wants to say,
That is why He remolds the clay.

He's the healer, He's the keeper
He's the One who makes it all.
And when you get to
The end of your rope
Just let go and fall,
For His arms will catch it all."

from Jacob's Song

Thanks for opening your soul, Dee--for seeking hope and offering it to others. I pray you'll know the peace of Christ that surpasses understanding in this time of waiting and change.

Love, Jeanne


Hi, Dee. I've been visiting your Christian fiction blog now for at least a month. I had to comment on this post. It's strange how we can use our low points to encourage other people. I pray that you'll continue to get the encouragement you need yourself. Be blessed.--Nedra

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