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November 04, 2007


Michelle Van Loon

My 22 y/o son told me the other day that he has a hard time taking anyone seriously who doesn't lard his/her communication with irony. I tend to be ccynical, and appreciate a good stiff dose of irony myself. But this isn't a good place from which to create. Irony is usually reactive, not creative.

Thanks for the reminder that the very best art galleries in the world can be found on parents' refrigerator doors.

Thanks, too, for those questions. They're the kind that help me come back to the place where I write because I'm creating refrigerator art.


Great questions, Dee. Aaah, becoming the Lord's little children . . . instead of His hardened, cynical, argumentative, intolerant "artists".

michael snyder

My best muses of late are my four children. In fact, Luke said something brilliant the other day that I so wanted to steal...a perfect metaphor of incongruence...and I cannot remember what it was. Hate that.

Good questions, Dee.



Except we become as little children. . . thanks for the reminder.


Dee Stewart

I learned a lot last week watching some terrific stuff.

Madison Richards


We must be kindred artistic spirits! I love your appreciation and passion for creativity and artistic expression.

Thanks for reminding me I don't have to color inside the lines. I like scribbling!!!

Have a super week Dee!


Excellent. Thanks for the words to remind me of how I should look at things. bless you.

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