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  • "An excellent example of a group blog, a true community of like-minded but highly individual writers. . . . Topics range from the state of Christian publishing to craft issues to lyrical meditations on writing as a spiritual discipline."

    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


  • The Master's Artist is a group blog for writers united by the blood of Christ and a love for language. We come from different backgrounds, have different theological outlooks, and are interested in a wide variety of genres and artforms. The opinions expressed belong to their authors alone -- and you're welcome to share yours.

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November 13, 2007


Miz Melly

This is so valuable Mary - thanks so much for this post!
Merci beaucoup


Je t'en pris, Miz Melly!

Alyssa Jurek

Mary, thanks for taking the time to put all this wonderful information into a single article! I know that I will reference it often.

Mary DeMuth

Thanks so much! I do hope it is a blessing to many, many writers.

Rachelle G.

Really wonderful article, Mary. I posted a link to it on my blog.


Great advice! I love that it comes from experience. I know you're not just feeding us a bunch of stuff. I'll post a link to it on our writer's group site.

Merrie Destefano

That's a fantastic letter, Mary! I posted a link to it from my site too.


Mary, great stuff, thanks for sharing!


Thank you for such a helpful and informative post, Mary.

I'm going to print it out and post it by my computer... My goal is to follow through with all 10 of your tips.

I admit I find one point really daunting-- finding a mentor. Many authors mention having a mentor but I'm unsure of how to go about finding one. I wouldn't feel comfortable just asking an author right out!

I bet the answer is to just pray about it and allow God to take care of things, right? :)
I can't help wondering if there are more steps I can take to 'assist' in making it happen.

Ah well... enough rambling!

Thanks again, and best wishes & blessings to you.

Elisabeth U.

This is excellent advice, thank you! As I take a deep breath, I realize that there is infinately more to writing and publishing than I ever dreamed!!! But with God's ever-present (and ever-needed) help, my dreams WILL come true. Thank you for your insight.

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