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December 14, 2007


Suzan Robertson

So sorry for your loss. I will pray for you. Thanks for this post. I thought I was the only one who knew the steps to that dance.


Jeanne Damoff

Your mum was right about your being a writer, Melanie.

For every writer who manages to consistently put in a full day at the keyboard, come rain or shine or broken heart, I think there are many who have to let the land lie fallow for a season. Some emotions need time to ripen before their form can be discerned. They're like tiny brown shriveled seeds--dormant, and for all appearances dead. They can't be rushed.

Seven years after our son's brain injury, the story of our journey poured out of me like a torrent--the entire 250-page first draft written in two weeks. Any sooner, and I think important parts would have been missing. They hadn't blossomed yet.

I pray you'll have peace and comfort in the loss of your beloved mother, even while you experience joy and amazement in the approaching birth of your child.

Blessed Christmas.
Love, Jeanne


Death and Life. For all their natural inspiration, they also warrant grief, sorrow, anger, bewilderment, adjustment, resolution, and always change in multiple forms.

My mother believed in me, too, but she was with the Lord when I completed my first novel, and my dad, who seemed to radiate pride in me, was in the throes of Alzheimer's when the pages of that novel were finally bound. Even now with both of them gone, that they never got to appreciate this part of my life brings its own melancholy and grief.

I will pray for you to be able to lay down the hindrances where they bring you anger, angst, and atrophy, but this season will pass as all others do once it runs its course. Don't be too hard on yourself--your mother wouldn't be.

Madison Richards


My heart speaks as your fingers type. We seem to be sharing the same grief, the same type of loss, and the same stymied ability to write anything of substance. There is only one thing that gives me comfort during this time:

You should never burn wood when it's still green.

It needs at least six months to season - maybe a year, before it dries out enough to do anything but smoke when you put it on the fire. I imagine it will be some time before my experiences of the last 6-8 months will have cured enough to become salient, even lucid, and I suspect this is all part of the plan.

Please know that you are not alone.

grace and love,

Katy McKenna

For a girl who can't and won't write, you've done a lovely job of it here. Thanks for expressing what we've all felt--and what some of us are going through right now. By the way, I found out I was pregant with our final baby (he's 23 now) two weeks after my father died. I remember well the crashing cacophony of grief, joy, and hormones. I don't think I wrote as much as a grocery list for months.
Thank you for what you've shared, and many blessings on you and your precious child!

Michelle Van Loon

I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost my mom in late September, and am still reeling. You're in my prayers today.

Allow yourself the grace and space to simply grieve - and at the same time, ready yourself for the gift that is coming into your life.

You will write again. In fact, you already are. Thanks for sharing this.

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