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December 12, 2007


BJ Hamrick

I'm looking forward to your book coming out!!

And as to why we're all depressed this time of year, I blame it on this:

All kidding aside, this was a fun post. (I'm thankful for parenthesis too.)

Nathan Knapp

"Belts under duress" - hah! Mike, that line was worth the entire post.

Melissa Marsh

This was great, Mike! I love your writing style.

Madison Richards


I know you were trying to be funny, but this post was really timely for me. Writing is indeed a privilege, and so is being able to read and contribute to conversations here at The Master's Artist.

There seems to be a sort of transition going on in many peoples' lives right now, and the presence of the Christmas season seems more coincidence than catalyst. We're seeing differently, feeling differently, and thinking differently. It'll be interesting to see (and read) where some of us land.

Thanks, once again, for your insights and humor.



Michael, you might like my post today (and you might not, too) (and I,too, enjoy parentheses) over at It's called "Are we done yet?" It's not funny, though.

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