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December 21, 2007



I'm a complete child when it comes to Christmas. I consider myself a fairly cultured person, but when it comes to December 25th, I'll watch every sentimental movie and listen to every saccharine song.


Merry Christmas, Mark. Absolutely love Christmas. Love buying gifts, and they're all wrapped. I love the Christmas carols of old and know most every word and don't care if they start playing them in October--it doesn't detract from their meaning.

Yes, all the things you mentioned are in place for cynicism if we so choose, but we, of all people, are to celebrate! Hallelujah and pass the egg nog. Praise the Lord for giving us such joy and an actual reason to celebrate. May His love overflow in your heart this Christmas and increase those smiles and even foster true laughter. Joy to the World! The Lord is Come!

Jeanne Damoff

I'm glad you're giddy, Mark. I love Christmas, too. The lights and decorations. Parties and presents. We're all musicians in my extended family, so spontaneous carols erupt with regularity, quickly expanding to four-part harmony. Stereophonic joy.

We're in Colorado right now, where we'll spend the next ten days with nineteen family members. I suppose I could bemoan the materialism of ski-resort-ville, but I'd rather ooh and aah over the twinkle lights on the village evergreens and the beauty of the gently falling snow. Mountains always fill me with a sense of awe. God is big--so much bigger than any attempt of man to hide Him behind holiday hoo-hah.

Merry Christmas! I hope you love your present. :)


Thanks so much for that. It seems this year I've been completely oblivious to the criticisms--I want nothing to do with negativity and criticism, because that spoils Jesus' birthday more than anything. I think he just wants us to enjoy it. There is too much dirtiness and pain and struggle on this earth--it's inevitable. So why not celebrate when we can?

David Wayne

Merry Christmas Mark - thanks for the reminder that it's really ok to really, really enjoy Christmas!

Jeff Baldwin

Decidedly populist! I think you've been hanging out with the wrong people.

Merry Christmas!!

Karen Miedrich-Luo

Here! Here! Here! (or is that Ho! Ho! Ho!) I think I'll print this one out and save it for future years, just like I do with all my favorite Christmas "stuff". And the U-Tube gift was perfect. I was a huge fan of Snoopy and the Red Baron when I was twelve and sadly forgot why. Thanks for reminding me.

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