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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


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January 01, 2008


Donna J. Shepherd

A fantastic, wonderfully informative post! No, wait. That was my first draft. :)

A great way to start the New Year. I'm sure I will refer to your wise words periodically throughout the coming year. Thank you, Mary.

Nathan Knapp

Very good post, Mary. Thanks for sharing the wisdom. :)

Miz Melly

Thanks Mary - you're such an encourager!
big blessings to you for 08
Miz M

Melissa Marsh

This is awesome, Mary. In fact, I want to print it out and put it on the wall above my computer so I can refer to it again and again. :-)

Mary E. DeMuth

Thanks all! I'm so glad the post was an encouragement!

Madison Richards

Thanks Mary! All good resolutions...

I especially liked "wait before you hit 'send'". Can't tell you how handy that one comes in!

Happy New Year!


Loved your list, Mary. Especially the last point. Happy Writerly New Year!

TJ Wilson

I'm inspired!

Sally Ferguson

Thank you Mary, for the reminder that it is still all in God's hands. That's where it needs to be all along!

Karen Farrell

Hi Mary, I started logging onto and found sites I really wasn't looking for, but am so excited to find! I am a "wanna be writer." I have taken online poetry and creative writing courses through the community college I am attending. I love this writing business, and my instructor told me that I am good at it.(I have edited this blog at least twice so far.) Well with my big head established, I am considering doing something to get published in 2008. I went to the bank the other day and saw someone's business card. It was for a short story writer. He writes personalized childrens short stories. I had just been told by that same wonderful instructor that I was also good at short story writing and to take a different course focusing on the development of short story writing. My instructor has published several books and though I really admire her teaching ability,and all the great encouragement she has given me, she writes in a very strong and illicit voice at times. I shy away from that, and really love to read more Christ centered material. I believe God would use my writing to uplift and encourage. I am a mom of three boys, 27,24 and
3 1/2. My life is full! why do I want to write!!? Because I do, and God seems to keep bringing me to blogs like this! God bless you. Any tips to getting published in 2008 are welcome. I live in Concord Ca. Take care, Karen Farrell
p.s. I edited this blog five times.

Karen Farrell

Mary, forgive me for not reading your entire blog first. I really love being in a writing community. That is what the online classes do for me, however there is only one professional writer there. I did learn alot from students commenting on my writing, and digging into their pieces. what are some legitimate contest to enter? I found one that was bogus, they just want to sell you a book with your poem in it. Karen

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