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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


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January 28, 2008


Madison Richards

Beautiful Dee! This ended up being the first thing I watched this morning and it was so good to focus on His strength.

Thanks for sharing.

Dee Stewart

me, too!


Hello Dee,
I didn't get to hear all of the song.
However,all I had to do was think about
all the things that God has brought me
through.How he let my mother live to see
and hold my only biological child.
Not to mention,how he continues to bless
me daily.Yes,to God be the glory for all
the great things he hath done!

- garry b

Heather Goodman

There's something about music that speaks in a way that words alone never can.

Dee Stewart

Hi, Gary. Thanks for hopping over here to share. You know this song has been #1 for six months on both gospel and secular charts. amazing.

Hi, Heather. I agree. Thanks for listening to the song.


I needed to hear this song today.

Without God I can do nothing.

Thank you for sharing it!

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