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March 09, 2008


Madison Richards

How funny! It's 12:40 a.m. (ok, my body says it's 11:30 but it doesn't understand the 'spring ahead' concept yet) and I am just flopping into bed after hosting a wonderful books signing event for friend and newly released Waterbrook author Susan Hill (Closer Than Your Skin). Wish I'd had this info a few hours ago ;)

It was great fun and a great learning experience - so was this post! Thanks Dee!!

BJ Hamrick

This was awesome, Dee! Thank you so much!

Donna J. Shepherd

Wonderful info. Thanks, Dee!

Mary E. DeMuth

OK, that's what I needed. How, exactly, does one use Paypal merchant services? Does that mean I have to buy one of those credit card swiper thingies?

Dee Stewart

Hi, Mary.

Get the merchant account via paypal and alsosign up for virtual terminal. There is no fee to setup, but there is a cost per transaction as most credit card services Have. You can load the paypal graphic to your site. bring your laptop to the signing. have someone handle the transactions via your laptop and walla. Here are links to learn more about it:,130306-c,shopping/article.html

Dee Stewart

Thanks, ladies. I'm glad you found it useful. :)

Mary E. DeMuth

Thanks Dee!

Mary E. DeMuth

Thanks Dee!

Venus Mason Theus

Thanks for sharing, that was invaluable!

Dee Stewart

Venus, Tank you for stopping by. I hope it helps. :)

Rhonda McKnight


You are wonderful. Thanks so much for these great tips.

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