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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


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August 25, 2008



This is really great stuff. I agree with you that writing is more than just an opportunity to glorify God; it is that aspect of the creator God in us that impels us to join him in the creative process. I struggle though, to make sure I am in love with God, and not the sound of my own thoughts. Even in total peace and quiet, it's possible to not really be quiet - a discipline to be sure.


I think more than ever these past months this piece of scripture has come alive in me: Apart from me, you can do nothing. Not breathe, not write, not think, or act. He is THE source for life and all it entails. How could we capture anything to demonstrate, typify, explain, or ornately recall without His inspiration and direction? Some know this. Some do not.

Jeanne Damoff

The longer I live the more aware I am that every breath is grace. God holds all things together by the word of His power, and if He ever ceased to do so, the very atoms in our bodies would scatter.

If God knows every word before it is on our tongue, doesn't it also stand to reason that He knows every word before it is on our pages? I agree with MacDonald (and Psalm 139) that we think our own thoughts, because God thought them before us. Put another way, He knew we would think them (of our own free will), because He ordained it. If He knows (omniscience), and if He is sovereign (omnipotence), then by the mere fact He doesn't prevent, we can assert that He ordains. "There is no possibility of dividing you from God."

Mind boggling. Paradoxical. Unpopular. True.

In other news, I'm glad you're reading MacDonald these days. :)

Sue J

I have been reading some other things about the connection between creativity and God, and I've been so dissatisfied. Your piece puts this connection into rich perspective. Creativity is not free will. It is more the freedom to express what God provides--in words, the creation itself. We aren't creative in a vacuum and there is nothing new under the sun. But, God decides we should be blessed with an idea, an outpouring of His own creation, and then enables us to use that either for His glory or our own pride.

I believe this means we are all created to be creative, uniquely, as only an omnipotent Creator can make us.

Madison Richards

Dianne - I struggle frequently with trying to be quiet even when it's quiet. It really is a discipline, you're right!

Nicole - I agree. Some know this, and some do not. It's all a developmental continuum. We're all in different places along the same road that leads to Him. We may go astray and follow tangents that lead to dead ends for a while, but eventually He gives us yet another opportunity to seek Him first. Some skip mercy and go right to judgment, but I always remember the story about the two blind men describing an elephant - the one at it's trunk describes a completely different animal than the one at its rear end. We're all blind men, are we not?

Jeanne - I'll have you know that it is because of YOU that I'm even reading MacDonald! :) You're beautiful post and excerpt from Phantastes left me wanting for more, and when I couldn't find it at the library I ordered it off Amazon! But in the meantime I did find "Proving the Unseen" at the library. Intrigued by the title, I picked it up and haven't been able to put it down since! Thanks... :)

Sue - So, so true. I also wonder if we sometimes miss creativity just because a person is wired to cook instead of paint, or quilt instead of write. Creativity pours itself out in so many different expressions. Each of us are created uniquely, yes - and our very great adventure is to trace those wires back to our passions and figure out what we were made to do!

Thanks so much for your comments! It was fun reading everyone's perspectives on this!

Love and grace,

Madison Richards

P.S. Jeanne -- I think I got a little over zealous there! I guess I wanted to say that you're beautiful while simultaneously saying your post was beautiful! Let's call it a Freudian slip, shall we?



Amen. Nicely put. God is definitely an integral part of creativity - I count on it. Words flow easier whenever I allow Him to take control of the process. My best ideas come to me unexpectedly or is it really unexpected?

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