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August 21, 2008


Madison Richards

"We hear music deep in our souls--a symphony we can't transcribe beyond scattered echoes."

This reminds me of August Rush...the hearing of a symphony that merely echoes in a spirit that hasn't even come fully alive!

Beautiful music. Your words are beautiful music...

Mary E. DeMuth

Beautiful piece, Jeanne. I'm sending people this way. Wow.

Love the bones and flesh analogy.

So glad you breathed the breath.


BJ Hamrick

You amaze me, Jeanne..


Gifted, Jeanne.


Gifted, Jeanne.

michael snyder

Beautimous as usual...

And can I be your water boy in 2012? I mean, you need to have your family in the stands so you can run over and hug and cry and all that. And I am a dweeb. Maybe Chris and I could double-team the job. You'll need lots and lots of water.

In case you're wondering, you still write extry good.

Donna J. Shepherd

Lovely. Delightful. Refreshing. My most humble thanks.


Dweeb-a-thons are serious business. I should know. I'm also training.

Jeanne Damoff

Wow. Dear friends, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I treasure them (and you).

I really appreciate the link, too, Mary.

You're hired, Mike. I have no doubt you'll spur me on to heights of dweebiness I've never before achieved.

Welcome, Heather, to a grand and noble tradition. By all means train, but don't be discouraged when I take the gold. I've been a pro since before you were born.

Thanks again, everyone. You're the best.


I found you from Mary DeMuth's blog and I'm so glad I did. You conveyed your message so beautifully. As a new writer, just starting on this writing journey, I am going to print this out and keep it near my computer as a reminder.


Jeanne Damoff

Nice to meet you, Kelli! Thanks for your kind words, and many blessings on your writing adventures.

TJ Wilson

Jeanne - Ditto to Mary. And BJ.
Wow wow wow.
Missing you.


Jeanne,this is a breath of fresh air! Thank you, thank you for sending it our way!
Kathy M.

Sue J

I was watching Nationals' baseball last night, and Don Sutton, one of the best commentators on the game, made a most insightful comment. He was speaking of a player's ability to make an out-of-routine play and said something to the effect of, "You can't teach presence of mind. You have to experience it...over and over."

What you have said here about faith, in such an eloquent and thoughtful way, is similar. You can't teach how to or if you will come to faith, even though you can teach all around the subject. Coming to faith is "out of our routine." Being touched by the Holy Spirit is an encounter with our Creator, an awakening, a new calling....something you experience, uniquely.

Fabulous post!


Interestingly enough, people born blind do miss color. A friend of mine who tutors a blind girl says that the girl has dreams at night that only be described as visual. And perhaps, even metaphorically, those born blind to the spiritual realm, still miss the colors of God, as Augustine writes (and i misquote), "You have made us for Thyself, and our hearts find no rest until they rest in Thee."


Jeanne Damoff

Thanks, TJ. Miss you, too.

You're welcome, Kathy. So nice to hear from you! Thanks for dropping by.

I like the idea of presence of mind, Sue. Reminds me of the image of abiding in John 15. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing about the blind girl's dreams, Luke. That's fascinating. Wouldn't you say her dreams could be likened to the stirring, a Voice whispering of mysteries not yet known? Like Lazarus in the tomb, if we didn't hear it in some deep part of ourselves, we'd never awaken.

To further twist Augustine, I do believe we "miss the colors of God" until we rest in Him. But, like I did at sixteen, first we have to realize we're restless in our dull dead grayness. All the more reason to live in color through art (which you do so delightfully).

Love, Mom

Tina H

Jeanne, Can't add anything that everyone else has not already said, but what a lovely post. Those words will hang with me for quite a while. I, too, will link up and send people to read.
Looking forward to seeing you in a couple months.


Lovely words that brought to mind the eternity God has placed into our hearts, a longing that can be filled only by Him. And which goes so nicely with my current WIP. Thank you.


I think Oprah would do herself a service by having you on. Your words inspire, and I know she's always looking for people whose ethos matches her own.

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