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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


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September 26, 2008


Mary E. DeMuth

Great stuff, Mark. If we write solely for one house or one stream, we may just end up losing or passion.

michael snyder

Mark, you said: "...instead of agonizing over the options, you just write what you want. Put your whole heart into it. Make it the best you can. Once it's done, see where it fits."

I couldn't agree more. You make some great, and timely, points here.


Thanks for the congrats!
I think one of the great things that came out of this conference for me is a general relaxation. It's not that I wasn't writing what I wanted to write before, but I worried about where it would fit. After our conversation, you helped me realize that it doesn't matter where it fits. It doesn't matter if it's ABA or CBA or genre or literary or character-driven or plot-driven or English or French (except the limited amount of French I learned in high school wouldn't go very far). Thanks for your advice! (I still would've liked to see the big fight at the workshop. I wonder if bets were placed.)


Congrats to Heather from me, too. Also, Mark, I am very relieved to be able to tell you I understood every bit of this post. I was the one at the conference who came up and told you I enjoyed your work on the Master's Artist although I was not gifted enough to understand what you said. Thanks for talking on this subject. Good stuff. And thanks, too, for putting it in words that I can comprehend.

Michelle Pendergrass

I missed a fight? Dammit. No one told me that.

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