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October 20, 2008



I love that--building a marketplan around the author's voice rather than vice versa. Good work, Dee! And good luck on the contest!


The Juice? The Call.

Rhonda McKnight

It's definitely call and juice if I'm surmising juice to be the willingness to dig deep and pull out the creativity that God has planted in your belly. I call it the will to do the work.

Madison Richards


Good for you! There are many reasons we don't write for a while, but I tend to think about the potter and the wheel and the need for some curing and firing before we're ready to be filled again!

Here's hoping you'll be filled up to overflowing and all that goodness will spill out onto the rest of us as we read your stories!


Veronica Johnson

Hey Dee,

I struggled with what story idea I would develop for this contest. At first I was wowed by the list of contest judges, then got to thinking about what I could write that would impress one judge in particular. Then I realized that I can only write what God gives me. I'll be in prayer that what I write will be directed into the hands of people who will open themselves up to hear whatever Rhema word the Lord give them, regardless of a contest win.

Dee Stewart

Heather, thanks! I don't know any other way for an artist to get behind their own marketing campaign without letting them be them. Sure anyone considering having a national platform should look at if and where they fit in the marketplace. If they don't fit and their platform doesn't have mass appeal potential then I have no problem telling them that working on the local level is what's best. Here in Atlanta there are many local artists doing better than those published or under a record contract with a national label.

The Call...I like that Nicole. I tend to think that feeling anointed to create your art is a motivator and the thread that holds you when you want to jump off the clip and be something else.

Rhonda, I don't know why you don't think you are an awesome writer at times. You always have the most thoughtful comments.

Madison, now that firing and curing is something. I posted maybe a year ago about a spiritual drought I was having and you are so right. How's your writing going.

Veronica, I have written a few stories since talking to you and felt the same way. Who do I write for? I want so bad to impress Walter Mosley. But God almost smacked me upside my head the other day. He asked. Wait a minute. What about Me? You better impress me, Girl!! I am so there with you. I'm calling you this week, chica.

Madison Richards

Let's just say the fire is on full flame right now...

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