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October 06, 2008


Michelle Pendergrass

What a sweet voice you have girl. I wish I could sing!!

Love the idea of a kindness journal!

Diane L. Harris

1)Today a friend offered to give my husband two homes for his new ex-offender reentry program, and she will hold the notes. The homes are already full of people paying rent. 2) The lady who preceded me in my new job left me with a treasure trove of easy to follow instructions. 3) My husband's been offered the opportunity to merge our small new congregation with a small old congregation. We'll see...but it's the thoughtfulness of the person who told him about the possibility that seems kind. 4) My mother just finished reading a good book that I recommended to her on the opinion of my friend. Mom's mailing the book to me now so I don't have to buy a copy. I've just gotten back to work after three months of joblessness. 5) My stepson, who turned 14 yesterday, didn't ask for anything for his birthday but to hang out with his dad. So my husband treated him to dinner at his favorite restaurant. 6) People are buying copies of my book ("Stepping into the Light: You're a Christian, what now?") to give to their pastors or to friends in the ministry, for consideration as a church text for new members' classes.

This is fun.

Diane L. Harris

Madison Richards


You DO have a beautiful voice. And I absolutely love the creativity you use in posting fun and interesting things that challenge folks to think differently about living and writing. I was just talking about the idea of paying it forward with a friend the other day, so your post is really timely!


Dee Stewart

Wow! Thanks for the comments.

Michelle, you are a gift, honey. lol.

Diane, it is fun when you start charting. It makes the day more wondrous. I wake up wondering what kind thing awaits me. I'm having fun, too.

Madison, thanks. I love to play around with all this blogging stuff. It's fun. Someone introduced utterz to me so I'm sharing no matter how painful I think I sound.

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