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October 24, 2008



I'm not sure it's just delay that's the problem here.

The two funniest men in the English language were both compulsive copyeditors, who hashed over every word and every line until their stories appear almost infinitely layered with hillarity. Douglas Adams did that by constantly beating off editors with a stick, delaying, and ensuring that he had the time it takes. P.G. Wodehouse did the same thing by simply being disciplined, avoiding distractions, and working the same number of hours every day.

Unlike many historical authors, I think a Wodehouse could just as easily be published today, and be just as successful. The trick is that very, very few authors actually have his mix of creativity and mental discipline.


Halloween? Orson Welles.

michael snyder

"There's a cost, and at the end of the process, there's no guarantee that paying more will make any commercial difference.

But it will, I think, make a difference in quality, which is all that's going to matter when, years from now, some stranger picks up your book and starts to read."


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