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October 31, 2008


Jeanne Damoff

Valentine's Day has romance. And Thanksgiving has, um, cookbooks.

I suppose I'm just a big wimp, but I don't read or write or watch horror. My sister convinced me to see "Sixth Sense" and I had nightmares for weeks. I couldn't get the images out of my mind, and every time they popped up, I felt nauseated. I don't enjoy fear as an emotion, unless it's the exhilarating variety I experience riding roller coasters or downhill skiing.

I do hope you have fun with your story, though. And I'll be happy for you if it "goes somewhere"--just so long as it doesn't sneak up behind me.

Madison Richards

I tend to agree with Jeanne. Images stick with me ad nauseum - even if they're written. I can honestly say I've never intentionally written a scary story, though I suspect if I did it would look a lot like Peretti's "This Present Darkness", portraying the real-life scariness of the "unseen" realm of angels and demons. So, I guess that would make it a supernatural thriller rather than horror? I get my suspense / action / horror / thriller genres confused sometimes. I imagine I'm not alone in that. There are several fine lines that bleed together (no pun intended) within each genre.

I do have a couple of hours before the future ninjas arrive home with their already sugared bloodstreams pumping for more.

Hmmm... somewhere that's NOT an island city in France...

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