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November 23, 2008



Amen, Sister. I've found that some Christian professionals pooh-pooh your profound explanation, Dee. They keep insisting the well-crafted story is above all else to sell, sell, sell. However, The Shack blows that theory out of the water. A book such as Redeeming Love proves your treatise. I agree that a writer needs to set aside the "prospects" for the work and write from God's heart to his/hers.

I only know I'm not creative enough to come up with an idea on my own. The Lord told me a long time ago, "If you pick up the pen, I'll give you the words."

Dee Stewart

As a book marketing professional, I speak oftentimes(just did) on marketing and using the editing process to make your stories commercial (if the commercial market is where you know the story is supposed to be.) So when I talk about having a humbling approach to adding spiritual content I think we should write like Dean Koontz, James Patterson and the like, who believe that who they are on the inside will show in the story. We don't have to put our high beams on when we write we just need to stay tapped into The Source while we write and edit. I think The Master's Artist will add spiritual content naturally, because the process is natural.

Unfortunately some of us confuse our marketing efforts and the things we must do as writers of this new school with hiding spiritual content or sprinkling it hear and there and making too much of an effort.

I've been talking about this same thing on Twitter in reference to Mary Mary's new CD. Some feel it's too secular. Others think it is a great evangelism tool. I think the songs added spiritual content, but less of them seemed authentic to me. But that's my personal aesthetic.

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