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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


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December 11, 2008


John Stacy Worth

I am in awe. Incredible writing. Beautiful.

Mary DeMuth

Beautiful post, touching. Sad. I want to punch the cousins.

Melissa Marsh

Wow. You blew me away. Your writing is absolutely wonderful. And I'm so sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. Mine passed away this year, too, and I still have a hard time believing it.

J. Mark Bertrand

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. In case you don't read the end of the bio, I want to re-emphasize that the above is fiction. My grandfather (whom we didn't call Grandpa) did pass away several years ago, and I have written about it elsewhere (in Rethinking Worldview, for one), but nothing else in the piece is autobiographical. My cousins, for one thing, are wonderful people. :)

Jeanne Damoff

When you said you placed it on an airport ticket counter, I knew it was fiction. ;)

I agree it's beautiful, though. Calls to mind the universal longing to be known and the sad dysfunction so common in families. I'm glad it wasn't true for you.

sally apokedak

Beautiful writing. Great details!

Madison Richards


(Sorry to be chiming in so late, but better that than never, as they say!)

I echo all the sentiments previously expressed - beautiful!


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