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June 21, 2009



You go, Girl. Inspiring.

Michelle Van Loon

Boy, did I need this today. The times of transition in which we're ALL living are meant to disorient us and invite us to move forward. It would be so much easier to curl into the fetal position right now. But your simple ideas are a call to uncurl out of that defeatist posture and seek God and kindle faith anew. From that posture, we're ready to grasp the new opportunities that come.

And yes, they will come.

Linda Hargrove

I believe ... I still believe. Thanks, Dee.

Dee Stewart

Thanks, Nicole, Michelle and Linda. I am glad this post helped you in any way. :)

Laurie J. Edwards

Exactly what I needed today. I started a major project that seemed to be God's leading and ran into some snags. It's been a roller coaster ride, so I'm right there with you on that. But I think God led me in this direction for a reason, so I'll continue to trust in Him and believe in victory.


new here, and to writing, but I am following my faith in pushing out of comfort zones and quietly waiting direction, a balancing act , but full of grace thus far.
thank you

Dee Stewart

Hi, Laurie. You're in the right place. Believe and Trust God.

Hi, Deb. Welcome! Keep us posted about your writing journey.

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