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June 23, 2009


Lucy Moll


Cheryl Barker

Mary, I think you've hit on the right approach. Prayer is key in anything we do. Trusting God with the results then brings peace and freedom. Thanks for some helpful food for thought.

Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts

Such great advice for someone like me who has been struggling with that very thing with my new book release. Thanks, as always, Mary!

Lenore Buth

Thanks, Mary, for your always-excellent insights.

You encourage my heart. It's so easy to get hung up those lists of "essentials" so frequently pointed at writers. You point us back to the only One that really matters.

Kristie Jackson

Mary--Your words are so real, your struggle with finding the right balance so familiar. Thank you for encouraging me to think about motives, to pray about them, to specifically ask God to sift my heart, my hopelessly deceitful heart. I so appreciate your wisdom and insight.

Mary DeMuth

I'm glad my words helped a bit.

It's a tension for me. I do market, for sure, but have to keep looking at my heart in the midst of it.

Cheryl Pickett

It's amazing the connections that the internet allows us to make, I am so thankful and blessed to have met you. I just have to tell you once again that what you wrote here is awesome. So often your posts have just what I need to hear. I know you're not writing just to me, but sometimes it sure seems like it :-) Thanks for being so willing to share with others.

Mary DeMuth

That's cool to hear, Cheryl. Thanks!


you're honesty , sincerity and genuine faith in all the right places is just a help
thank you.
I'm just beginning this journey of writing and there is so much to learn !


I echo Deb's thoughts - I'm new to this journey and there is an overwhelming about to learn. I started this road in speaking. In order to make my name known I had to send out these awesome "blurbs" about me. ugh! However, God has used this "career" to deepen my faith and keep me connected and dependent on Him.

In order to further my journey I've been told to write. So write I do. I met you at my first conference earlier this month at Write to Publish and continue to be floored by the Lord.

It's hard to stay dependent yet promote yourself as confident and secure. God can use anything we have, and in my case my brokeness. We come to Him with nothing, but leave full.

Mary DeMuth

So glad my words have helped those in the beginning of this journey. All the stuff you have to learn can be overwhelming. Remember, one bite at a time.

BJ Hamrick

I have it all figured out.

Heh. Just kidding.

GREAT POST. < Not kidding.


Thank you for sharing some of your story with us and your advice. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like I have to do it all. Blog, twitter, facebook, speaking engagements and more! It can wear me down and I wonder at the eventual outcome. I love that you remind us to check our motivations. I hate getting to the point where I feel like I'm doing all this for sales. I'd rather be close to God and let him guide me to the right avenues, knowing I'm doing this to reach people, the right people, than to increase numbers. Thanks again!

Mary DeMuth


Please share your deep wisdom with the crowd!

Cindy, rest, rest, rest....

Sara Cox Landolt

I love this post. Thanks for letting me know you more. Your advice & encouragement change lives! Thank you!

Carma Dutra

Mary thank you for this post. I believe it has answered a part of my prayers. God is awesome. I am being reminded that in order to hear Him, I need to keep quiet more often and quit worrying or fretting over me, me, me.

Mary DeMuth

Sara and Carma, thanks for letting me know that the post blessed you!

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