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August 05, 2009


Jeanne Damoff

9. Did the author actually hold his jaw wonky and say those words out loud so he'd know how to transcribe them?

10. Should writers of "Neurotica" be encouraged and/or allowed to include reader group questions at the end of their books?

"Ooooh oooh! I know this one! Pick me!"

Michael Snyder

Ask and you shall receive, Ms. Damoff...

9. Maybe. (read: yeah)

10. That's not really for me to decide, now is it?


Michael Snyder

What others are saying...

"To me the conversation seems normal. It's a great way to show subtle character traits in a funny way. I got that Barry was fairly melodramatic and maybe a bit of a control queen, and the other character displayed obvious insecurity, unsureness. Barry could exert power over the other character easily by being a little dramatic. The other character's need for assurance sets stage for a great conflict dynamic."
W.A., a reader in TN

Liberty Speidel

1. Probably, but not necessarily to the reader or the narrator.

2. The narrator is probably thinking the guy's looking for attention and/or has TMJ syndrome, as I thought.

3. Not that I can tell. I thought it was humorous banter myself.

4. This whole scene had me laughing--and crying from laughing so hard!

5. Yes on both accounts. I like the narrator better due to the fact that he's not going off the deep end where the jaw popping is concerned, and is making wise cracks about it. If something hurts or sounds weird, why keep doing it? I'm with the narrator on that one.

6. I think I snorted. It sounded like something my hubby would do. I didn't really feel anything besides that. Nope, no real sympathy either. He should have quit when he was ahead. Leaving it alone was probably a good thing.

7. Absolutely.

8. No, no, and yes.

9. Who knows with this writer. ;-)

10. Yes!!!

K.M. Weiland

First thought: Uh, nice pic.

Second thought: My jaw makes that poppy sound. Uh-oh...

Third thought: Way too funny.

BJ Hamrick

So that's the last time I'll post questions at the end of my posts...

VERY funny.


1. Actually, at first it's a pop, then a creak, and then a click. And then a trio.
2. Who says the narrator is a he? Sexist.
3. A haunted hinge is just a stock sound effect, nothing to get excited about.
4. I am the narrator.
5. Yes, Barry Manilow. And practically every book ever written (and a lot of bad TV shows) have narrators. And in a moment of improbable weakness, I think I'll have to side with Barry Manilow on this one.
6. Science actually has shown that the same part of the brain that would activate were my jaw actually smitten with tragedy also activates when reading, hearing, seeing, thinking about, or writing a story about a jaw which tragedy smote. So it made me feel like my jaw, smited by tragedy, was in pain. That makes "jaw of an ass" into a personal insult, so I'm glad the author kept it to himself until now. Now I just want to punch him in the groin.
7. I don't know, is it?
8. Lame.

M.L Archer

1. The question of the popping jaw is a medical fact. It stands alongside of the other great jaw noises such as grinding, sawing and the occasional bird twitter.

2. Alas, it would have taken such little time to bring joy to the jaw clicker's life. The entire scene is a metaphor of man's inhumanity to man.

3. Look, I've already used the 'm' word in number 2. Metaphor...inhumanity to man...met-a-phor. I ALREADY SAID IT!

4. The only people who find this funny are the sort who laugh at car wrecks.

5. See, I've been Barry before...(sniffle) My parents never went to my softball games, my mom had to tie a steak around my neck to get the dog to play with me...hold on...I need a minute...

6. I still need a minute...

7. Yes, sprtized is a word...doi.

8. No. Maybe. You've got to be kidding.

susan fish

My question: Which is funnier "haunted hinge" or "neurotica"?


I think the real question here is: Was this one of the author's "real" conversations? Because I can see it, you know? As being real, I mean. You know, with the type of friends . . . never mind.

Miz Melly

You make me smile, Michael Snyder! Thank you!

Michael Snyder

Thanks for the great comments one and all...I can't wait to actually sit down and actually "study" them. However, I must first tend to my own nether hinges, as we've just finished an 11-hour drive from Orlando.

To be continued...


Jeanne Damoff

"Nether hinges"? I do NOT want to know.

Madison Richards

Bravo y'all. I would be standing and clapping if it weren't for this darned migraine...

and yes, it hurts all the way into my jaw!

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