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September 01, 2009


Richard Mabry

Thanks for sharing. For those writers who choose dark chocolate, feel free to send your excess milk chocolate to me--address furnished on request--since that's my energizer of choice.

Jeanne Damoff

Wow. I'm lacking the majority of these items. No wonder I don't already have thirty-seven best-selling books on the market. Can't wait to e-mail my agent and share my new priority list. (I love to make her day!)

That Snuggie commercial was inspirational. What they don't show you, however, is the short person (aka me) trying to walk in the one-size-fits-all-including-Andre-the-giant Snuggie, tripping over it, breaking her wrists and being unable to type for six months. This is why I fight the chill with heavy sweat shirts, hand-knitted wool booties I bought in Croatia, and gloves with the fingers cut out. I realize the absence of a Snuggie vibe may spell doom to my potential career as a best-selling author, but at least I'll still be able to play piano for tips.

Appreciate the advice, Mary. I will always consider you a benefactress, and I'm sure my agent will, too.

Love, Jeanne


Actually, I'll compete with Richard for the excess milk chocolate. Heck, I'll even take white chocolate! But since his book is coming out soon, I no doubt have lost already since with two self-pubbed novels: I'm NOBODY.

Don't forget the garish writer's bag, Mary. One that looks like it's crocodile skin or is that alligator? Big, fashionable. One that communicates success and significance. A man bag for those males.

Elizabeth Bussey

Thanks for the laughs and a few tears. Living in such a remote location I am going through Trader Joe's withdrawal and M&Ms just don't compare. Got the tenacity, but it is pretty useless with all my writing hidden on the hard-drive. Hobbies got replaced with writer's conferences. My darling "laptop" companion had to be put down on New Year's eve and I hate the thought of house breaking a new darling. Never heard of a Snuggie, but I love huggies! I remember lingering in musky shops, seeking the perfect journal; fingers caressing covers and pages until they found it's just grab one from the shelf! Laptop could be a good canvas for a sticker collage. On second thought, heat and stickers...not so good.

My addition...a Craftmatic bed that instantly sits you up when awakened at 3 a.m. with that nagging voice in your head. Attached would be a remote that rolls the little hospital style table into position, laptop already in place!

Susan Murphy

I have the chocolate (though not Trader Joe's) and the dog at my feet. Must work on all the other baggage...


Jeanette L

Wonderful list! Thanks for making my day, Mary.
I especially love the hummingbird training and the TJ's dark chocolate. Did you buy the huge 5 lb. bar?


Peeps have eternal shelf-life? scarey...

Michael Snyder

Hah! I'm already bigger than Hannah Montana. I'll bet I've got her by 40 pounds or more.

Dark chocolate rules, as do dogs and Macs.

Funny and inspiring stuff, Mary.



Great! :) I enjoyed it.

Susan Stitch

Here's a big gold star for your post today! Thanks for the smiles. I decided to head for the nearest Build-a-Bear workshop next chance I get for a cuddly cheerleader bear that will say 'That is BRILLIANT' whenever I press her paw.

Lynnda  - Passionate for the Glory of God

Mary, I like your list, especially the dark chocolate.

I do have one addition. I would add a Scammer Alarm. Like a smoke alarm, at the first sign of a scammer wafting your way to take your money and leave you discouraged, this alarm would yell out, "RUN! RUN! Weasel on the way!" After all, we spend so much time in our own worlds, we sometimes fail to properly connect with this one.

Mary DeMuth

Mike, you made my day.

Jeanne, the picture of you running in a snuggie made me laugh.

Madison Richards

Beautiful. I have nothing to add. Except a Taylor guitar and an episode of Gilmore Girls. But that's just me... :)


Sheila Deeth

Oh thanks Mary. That was fun. Can I keep my son in the back room playing guitar instead of sending him off to college too.

BJ Hamrick

The new Christmas list made me laugh! If I open one more journal...


Actually, peeps need to be sealed in their little celophane wrappers to maintain that shelf life. I gave some to my daughter that we'd stuck in a cupboard and forgotten for a few months. She dropped one, and it shattered.

K.M. Weiland

I'll heartily concur on all of these - esp. the chocolate! I have a snuggie lying around here somewhere. I usually use it for snuggling up on the couch while watching movies. But I may have to try it for those cold winter nights of writing!

Linda Harris

Okay, this is weird. Last night I had a dream about Peeps. I can't remember the whole thing, but it had something to do with reading style manuals, hanging upside down while sitting on the top of a desk. Instead of reading the style manual, a friend was reading the ingredients list on a box of Peeps.

And I've always wondered about walking in a Snuggie, especially since it's one-size-fits-all. Now I know.


Mary DeMuth

Wow, Linda that is weird.

K.M., you have a Snuggie? Wow!

Sad about the shattering peeps, Therese. It's a great band name, though.


I love your list! :-) Love the chocolate part, of course! And the pet one. :-)

Lori Stanley Roeleveld

I think every writer should also have a copy of the book written by the fictional Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley called "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!: Daily Affirmations With Stuart Smalley". You should put it on your Christmas list. Excellent post! :)

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