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October 27, 2009


Madison Richards

Great tip Mary! I remind my sons to do this all the time as they write essays and paragraphs for school. They read them aloud to me and often they will catch words or phrasing they don't like without me even having to point them out! But I haven't done this for my novels yet and it's great advice!

Thanks so much!


Jeanne Damoff

I couldn't agree more, Mary. In addition to the excellent reasons you point out, I love to read out loud because it lets me hear the cadence of the text. The rise and fall of syllables. The music of the words. Reading aloud is a great way to help develop an ear for lyrical prose.

My family already knows I'm bonkers, so no worries on that score.


Mary DeMuth

That's a great practice, Madison. I should have my youngest do that.

I know you're nutty, Jeanne!

one billion daleks

That is is an excellent idea Mary!

Though I'm sure a quick comment like this wouldn't need such and approach.

Still right, after I've posted this I'll try. Reading it allowed.

All The Best!

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