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November 26, 2009


one billion daleks

Well, I hope the weather hasn't dampened turnouts for your shows Miz Melly. But yes, it seems to have been pretty treacherous on the West Coast of Ireland from what was shown on the telly, so it's good that you seem to have a great driver! It's been piddling down here in the Sappa-sific too (that'll be er, Gaeltacht for South Pacific ;)

Just looked up a couple of the places on your last post - cripes, that place Gortahork looks like a rather bleak and desolate spot in the middle of nowhere! And allowing for my tenuous grasp of the local lingo, as far as I can tell the name appears to mean "Bowl of Porridge". Or something. Most appropiate for mid-November though. As for the Aran Islands - well, based on the aerial photo you posted I'd assumed that that patch of water was a permanent lake. But now I'm not so sure - it seems it might be nothing more than your typical Aran Island puddle after an average Irish downpour!

Interesting too what Wikipedia says about writers staying on the Aran Isles, that ... "they looked directly towards ways in which their time on the islands put them in touch with more general truths about life and human relations. Indeed, because of the difficult conditions they found – dangerous weather, scarce food – their writings are often of a much more personal nature, being concerned with understanding the author's self as much as the culture." ... sounds like an ideal spot for lowercase daleks!

Did you know I'm plotting my first attempt at pizza dough tomorrow ...? Well, probably not. But I must admit I was very confused by the recipe saying that I would need a teaspoon of yeats. So, you can imagine my relief at you just happening to post some yeats! I reckon that would be about a teaspoon ...? ;) So, in return for the yeats here is a link wot I rummaged up for you (subsequent to that Daily Mail thing) - something you might not already have for your career scrapbook:

By the way, if you'd prefer to have that entire webpage just as a straightforward JPG image (much simpler really), then I can recommend a freeware screen-capture utility called "Faststone Capture" (that'll grab the whole page for you in one go, whereas most screen-capture products can only grab what's on the screen). A Google will find it - it's bloomin' great y'know, lot's of neat features, what's more it's free for non-commercial home users!

Anyway, that's some excellent travelogue-style writing there!
And here's hoping you get some dry weather!

OK then,
All The Best!

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