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November 22, 2009


Warren Baldwin

Good advice, Dee. I self-published a book on Proverbs. You are right - not much help in distribution and advertising. But, I can price it myself, and I speak around a lot (churches, retreats, etc.) so my book is selling. Everyone I showed the book to liked it; even some editors liked it, but I didn't have a name so they didn't want the risk. I wondered why I should like some people who don't even know me decide if I should have a book in print or not. Self-pub took care of that. But, again, you are right, that much of the sel-pub material is not high quality. Since looking into self-pub I have checked out a number of self-pub works and I can see why they couldn't get a publisher. I think I will take your advice and look into making an ebook, too. Good post. (You can look on my blog for some of my Proverbs articles) WB

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