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December 08, 2009


Cynthia Schuerr

I would love a moment like that. Or a lifetime. It would be pure freedom, wouldn't it? To be able to throw up your hands and say God, lead the way, with no hesitation. :-)

Kiva @ Farmstead Lady

What a great moment that would be indeed....the Mary's in the Bible had awesome faith and it would be great to model all of them.

Karen Rabbitt

"Mary believed something completely without precedent."

What a helpful analysis. And a wonderful challenge. Thanks, Mary and Patrick.

Bless you,

Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts

Mary, if I had an'd be bowling down it. :) Thank you for being willing to write this. I thank God for the confirmation.


Mary DeMuth

Re: [The Masters Artist] Tracey Michael Lewis-Giggetts submitted a comment to I need a Mary Moment

Great analogy!

Jeanne Damoff

Go Fran! Gotta love a man who combines profound insight with cutting-edge fashion.

Your post prompts a couple of thoughts. First, Zachariah's and Mary's similar responses and God's very different reactions remind me that God looks at the heart. Mary believed and wanted to understand. Zachariah doubted (i.e., didn't believe). We may all say the same words, but only God can sort our motives and purify our hearts. May He grant us this mercy!

Second, I'm praying with you, Mary, that you'll enter the rest that's eluding you. It's so hard to truly lay down our lives--to say "use me" and not harbor ambition or secretly wish that He will choose to do something far-reaching and big with the offering. Like you, I'm trying to learn contentment with no strings attached, to really mean it when I present my body a living sacrifice in prayer, to not compare myself to others and envy His callings on their lives. What if He chooses to use me as someone who displays His glory by praising Him in spite of, not because of? What if no human acknowledges or even knows that my life was poured out for Him? Indeed, what if all men turn against me, misunderstand, malign, and falsely accuse? God has called some of His saints to paths like that. Will I be content if He chooses suffering, obscurity, or persecution for me?

I don't think real rest happens until I can answer, "Yes." The "impossible" for Mary started with public scandal and culminated with watching the world reject her Son and crucify Him. Sobering. Excruciating. God's perfect plan. As Isaiah 26:3 says, perfect peace comes when our mind is steadfastly set on Him. Not our goals. Not our dreams. Him. "As the eyes of a handmaiden look to her mistress, so our eyes look to you, Oh Lord."

Holy Father, grant us peace.

Love you.

Mary DeMuth

Re: [The Masters Artist] Jeanne Damoff submitted a comment to I need a Mary Moment

Thanks Jeannekins. Good words, and so true. Only God looks at the heart. I hope He likes what He sees in mine! I can be self deceived!

one billion daleks

"I spend way too much time fretting, planning, scheming, doubting."

Yes, I agree - you sure are a worry-bunny at times Mary!
But that quote from your post *pop!*ed out, and instantly brought to mind the choon below :)

So er, to fix your propensity for worry - perhaps you could try substituting "fretting, planning, scheming, doubting" whenever you catch yourself lapsing - that might do the trick!

All The Best!


The superior original by Dionne Warwick (this one may be preceded by a 15-second advert):

Or the *ahem* slightly ironic girlie version (though the last ten seconds reveals a subtext quite appropiate for TMA I think! :)


Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying. Planning, and dreaming each night - of His charms - that won't get you into His arms! So if you're looking to find Love you can share ... all you gotta do is hold Him, and kiss Him, and love Him. And show Him that you care.

Show Him that you care just for Him - do the things He likes to do. Wear your hair just for Him, for you won't get Him thinking and a-praying, wishing and a-hoping ... cos wishing and hoping and thinking and praying - planning, and dreaming His kisses will start - that won't get you into His heart ...

So if you're thinking how great True Love is ... all you gotta do is hold Him! And kiss Him! And squeeze Him! And love Him! Yeah, just do it - and after you do, you will be His.

You gotta show Him that you care just for Him, and do the things that He likes to do. Wear your hair just for Him, cos you won't get Him thinking and a-praying, wishing and a-hoping. Cos wishing and hoping and thinking and praying. Planning, and dreaming His kisses will start ... that won't get you into His heart.

So if you're thinking how great True Love is - all you gotta do is:

Hold Him.
And kiss Him.
And squeeze Him.
And love Him.

Yeah - just do it!

And after you do ...
You will be His.
You will be His.
You will be His.


(Loved that song, OBD.)

Mary Girl. Pretty one whose heart is steadfast, whose aims are pure, who willingly does all there is to do, whose tears are real and saved, who is deeply loved by the Lord and who loves deep, who must follow His course and not that of man, who can set aside striving to gain rest, who can view with perspective the goals achieved, who must leave the package in His lap because He is able to distribute where we cannot go. Love your heart, Mary.

one billion daleks

You're welcome Nicole :) ... delighted to hear you enjoyed the song! It's what daleks call a *pop!*song - pole obliterates pole to the deferential i (!), to create a Quality. For in the dalek view of things, the feminine pole is attention-seeking, and the masculine pole is approval-seeking - nothing wrong with that, for these fundamental polar forces are what propel interaction between individual entities, each polarised entity "looking to find Love you can share", just like the poles of a magnet are compelled to seek each other out.

So the song offers advice on how an f-pole might go about offering Approval to an m-pole, as a reciprocal gesture of good will in return for it's Attention. The Quality of True Love is promised if the poles are thus *pop!*ed. (For daleks, the Mind of God is the m-pole of Omneity - it quite naturally seeks praise (or Approval) for it's incredible creation).

To me, each version of the song has it's own charms - the Dionne Warwick rendition is more clearly in the form of advice, the joyous Gospel flavour in the closing stanza reassuring the listener that this advice is sound. Whereas the YouTube version has a more innocent and child-like tone, and so comes across as slightly cheeky perhaps, but in a way that is nevertheless well-intentioned, and thus rather cute and endearing!

Well, that's quite enough from me, methinks!

OK then,
All The Best!

Lenore Buth

Years ago when I was tied up in bow-knots over my To Do list, a friend pointed me to Psalm 37:7-8. Both verses stress, "Do not fret."

What? You mean I can choose not to fret? I still marvel that I never once considered that possibility before. I hear those three words ringing in my mind ever since and they help keep me coping in a more-or-less calm manner.

The other thing is accepting my failings and insufficiencies. (I seem never to master them.) Jesus' blood covers every one of them, so if I drag that load around and beat myself up over my faults, it's my choice. For even if I miraculously performed perfectly and on-time, every time, God would not love me more. That love already is total and it's all grace.

It makes me smile to ponder that even those things in myself that I so want to change can be tools in His hand. They make me unique. I don't understand how that can be, but then, I don't need to.

Mary, may new peace and JOY flood your heart. After every winter comes a spring.

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