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January 08, 2010



Thanks, Melanie, for this challenging perspective. I like what you've written, concerning the Church, in 1.-3. God grant the Church to lead, once again, in all the arts!


It always is amazing what God will use . . .

Madison Richards

Melanie -

Sorry so late in commenting on this great post! I too have been reading through / watching these stories with some hesitancy but entirely intrigued as you were by the craze surrounding these books.

I love the parallels you've drawn, and the questions you've raised about the challenges we all face in learning to love what's right, to stand up for the weak, and to grapple with our own humanity are all excellent.

I believe that God can use just about anything to speak to us, and while Stephanie Meyer's books may not speak to everyone the same way, the parallels remain.

Thanks for pointing this out so well!


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