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March 29, 2010


Sarah Salter

Let me take it a step farther... What about when God is able to hold us up and say, "Found one!" The Bible says that all of Heaven rejoices when one of us stops hiding and lets God find us. Great post, Billy! Great post!

L.T. Elliot

And this is what every one of your posts is like, Billy. Each one is a treasured marvel. I can see how hard you've searched for those eggs. I'm lucky I get the benefit of an 'easy' find.

Miz Melly

Love it Billy! That so encapsulates the creative process - beautiful!
Cáisc faoi shonas duit agus do do chlann freisin - Happy Easter to you and your family!

Madison Richards

Unearthing life's treasures is a privilege. It's one of the ways we partner with God in the act of creativity and say "yes" to that notion he's been stirring in our hearts. As the generations move through their paces our roles change from finder to hider to watcher, each with its part to play in the process. But as artists, a finder we must remain, and for that I am grateful. Creativity keeps the kid in all of us...

Great post Billy! So glad to have a you as a part of our community here!


No wonder I've had writer's blog. I didn't look around the neck of the neighbor's dog. Thanks Billy. Life should be better now.

Barbara Frazier

I once was lost but now I'm found! Praise God, Praise God! Oh, and I love your picture, very American.

Jeanne Damoff

Love this, Billy! What a great picture. May our lives and our art always declare, "Look at this"-- even (or maybe especially) when "this" is mystery beyond our grasp.

So delighted to have you here!


Catherine Burns

And then there are those that are hidden SO well that they are only found months later and bring much joy and laughter at unexpected moments.

Signed: Catherine, a stuffer since my hubby is the hider

Megan Willome

Your post makes me think of the women, on Easter morning, searching for Jesus, and He was not there. Then, Mary Magdalene got a big surprise, better than any chocolate bunny. But the similarities to seeking/finding are there.

Happy hunting!


I remember my son's first Easter egg hunt. He thought the object was that when you found one, you threw it up in the air as high as you could. Awesome. I think I'm a much better finder than I am a hider. I think you're pretty good at both.

Wonderful, as always Billy.

mary aalgaard

Great comparison! I also like being the hider. And, when the boys are looking, I like giving hints, and knowing the secret places.

Sandra King

I was going to talk about finding eggs in melting snowbanks weeks after Easter and stuff, but then I got stopped dead by this:

" . . . at times we can get the sneaky sensation that we may never find anything worth sharing."

I have that feeling a lot.


Love this and yes, sometimes we do need help with the finding. Happy Writing and Happy Easter.


I am happy to see you here Billy ...i had this happen today with a fence ...hider and just never know when it may happen blessings ELK


Why Mr. Coffey, I think I may have to do Easter eggs this year.

And I think it quite fitting for you to be a part of a site called Master's Artist. You are that indeed.

Michael Snyder

Good stuff, Billy. You got me all excited about our big annual Easter egg hunt, until you made me remember the all-consuming smell of vinegar. I supposed I'll need to forgive you for that, but it won't be easy...

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