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March 22, 2010


Tracey Michae'l Lewis

Proud of you, Dee! Keep pushing and praying and spreading that joy!


Loved this,
and congratulations on all of it.

Carol Collett

I am seriously ready for some contagious joy!

Dee Stewart

Thank you all. Let's get after it. :)


i love you!!! u know this. Thanks for the info. sharing with others!!

Jeanne Damoff

Happy Birthday to Selah! Love and congratulations to you, Dee!


Happy, Blessed Birthday to Selah! Thrills and joyful songs to you, Dee.

Dee Stewart

thanks, again!

Cecelia Dowdy

Congrats, Dee! And happy birthday to Selah! :-)

Linda Princess Dominique Grosvenor

Amen Dee. And what's for you is for you. I'm so thrilled for you. You are a living testimony.

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