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April 16, 2010


Madison Richards


I too have found myself wanting to press my cheeks against the cool stone pillars of multiple churches that line the European continent. For some reason their staunch facades bring strength and peace and stability to my heart. In much the same way, sitting on cliffs overlooking the ocean reminds me of the eternal nature of God. Those waves have been crashing that shore long before I ever discovered them and will be there long after my generations have passed away.

I think that longing to be a part of something bigger than ourselves is what draws us into His-story. Those people who took part in building that church did so with stone and mortar. We use our gifts and talents too - much like the masons of that day, but our building blocks are also made of relationship, and in laying stone on stone, day by day, we are all building the same eternal structure. Not just a church, but an entire kingdom, that will also stand through the best and worst that Christian religion has to offer...

Thanks so much for sharing this! You are an inspiration!


There is something inside that longs for majesty.

Billy Coffey

I've never been to England (yet), but I so want to. The United States is such a young country, and we have no history that can compare with yours. What a feeling you must have had surrounded by such antiquity. I envy you.

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