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April 11, 2010



You're just plain fun, Dee. Spread the joy, Girl.

Thanks, Nicole. :)

Billy Coffey

Lately I've needed this reminder. You're right, the sheer amount of work needed to just keep things on an even keel can sometimes be overwhelming. I need to start smiling when I write again...

Great post, Dee!

I hope you're smiing today, Billy! :)


I love this post. It came just in time for me. I was actually working on my novel last night and in the middle, realized that I was getting way too caught up in what I think people want me to write, instead of what I wanted to put on paper. Its good to check yourself sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

Madison Richards

Wow. All of you are so right on target. Dee - I think I needed this post more than anything I've read recently. Somewhere along the way I:

1) Lost my joy in writing.
2) Lost my ability to be ME in my writing.
3) Started writing more of what others told me I should write instead of what was in my own heart to write.
4) Started beating myself up for being me. Convincing myself that no one would want to read what I write anyway...

Geez... I've got some work to do - Inside work. Thanks for reminding me that sometimes we have to peel off all the extra layers other peoples' expectations put on us and just write...

Wish me luck!

Matches Malone

Good stuff. I always believe that great art is only abandoned, never finished.... Your points goto that :)

Lynn Mosher

Dee, What a great post...and timely for me as well. I'm with Billy. In the midst of editing my first book, I have been thinking it was a chore to be endured. Thanks so much for writing this and so glad I got to read it!

Sandra King

Something I learned from beauty pageant days--Vaseline. Keep a jar on your desk to smear on lips and teeth for a long day of writing and smiling. Great post!

Dee Stewart

thanks, all. i had to reread my own post this week. not because i wasn't having fun, but i was not finished with my rewrite. i'll share the lesson i learned in that week after next. you'll laugh.

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