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April 22, 2010


michael snyder

First, congratulations as your plot thickens!

And thanks for the outstanding reminder to keep telling our own stories, to keep our own inkwells from drying up.

Sounds like a fun week to be a Damoff.


My new grandson (and first granchild) was born six weeks ago today, and it's become a whole new world for us. Good story.


Jeanne, that was beautiful "Good morning:)" to Thankful Thursday! HaPpy BirTHdays:))

Billy Coffey

So wonderful, Jeanne. I can't wait for your next chapter.

Katy McKenna

The best, best, best story of all! So happy for you and your family. And around Sept 1, I will join you as a brand-new Grandma. Blessings and happy birthday to both the "little boy" and his new granddaughter!


Truth and beauty. Carry on.


oh, and the lilacs....


Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Your writng is so full of joy, it makes me want to sing. May God's blessings abound to the birthday boy and to all the many branches on his tree.

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