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April 26, 2010


Cassandra Frear

Beautiful. Well said.

It's a mystery, but God does it somehow if we partner with him. I'm working on a longer project right. It feels like I'm turning myself inside out.

Strange that it would be so uncomfortable. But I know that's the way God creates art through us.


You've done so much with the lump of clay you've been given. And the best part is we get a glimpse of God's handiwork with everything you write. What a blessing.


Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

Dacia Bryan

I'm glad His patient hand continually goes back to the waters and smoothes my rough edges away as He turns me around in His love and grace.

Sarah Salter

Don't you sometimes wish you could just bottle that sweetness and joyful beauty that she has? God has big plans for that little girl, Billy Coffey. You just mark my words...

Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts

Gosh, I love this. Great post!

terri tiffany

Awesome post as usual! How do you get your brain to work so good like that?

Sandra King

This is good. So, so good! Only you could give us this kind of turning-insides-out art with a lump of clay.

Madison Richards

Very nice...Great example Billy!

Doug Spurling

and God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise...1 Cor. 1:27

thanks Billy.

Stefanie Jackson

What an inspiration you are to us all with this sweet story. I plan to read your "Snow Day" for a fall treat.

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