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May 19, 2010


Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Love, love, love this, Jeanne. Amazing insights beautifully written.

This "mimi" heart of mine knows all too well this particular "letting-go" pain and all the tangled emotions that come from grandmothering. (Off topic, I'd love your input, because I'm convinced that grandmothers experience post-partum depression, too - it's one of those "no one ever told me" life passages.) "Pulling out hair" just creates more places to heal, right?

On the flip side (because I've experienced it and KNOW He is waiting to do the same for you), I can't wait to hear how God gently massages and tenderly heals your stretched-out heart strings and fills your opened hands with more of Him in the days to come. You will be in awe of the way He will redeem the distance between Texas and Seattle.

Much love,
Mimi Patricia

susan Fish

This speaks very deeply to me today, Jeanne. Thank you. And may God bless you in your leaving of what you don't want to leave.

Barbara H.

We don't have grandkids yet, but it is a good possibility that they won't be living nearby when they do come. I will keep this in mind when that time comes. With two grown sons and one last teen-ager at home, this stage of life seems to be one of constant letting go.

Mary DeMuth

Beautiful post, Jeannekins. I'm recommending it!

Jean Wise

Beautiful post. Grandkids certainly steal our hearts. Whoosh! and they take over and we can only hold them by letting go. I recently wrote a post about that reflecting upon my son's birth in light of his graduation from seminary. very similar feelings. thanks for sharing.


Oh, Jeanne! What a beautiful post. Praying for you. Reading this today was just what I needed. Thank you, my friend.

Cortney O'Kelley

You have to be one of the most gifted people I know- what a BEAUTIFUL blog! Thank you for sharing!

Susan Meissner

absolutely stunning, this.

Jennifer King

Beautiful feelings and ponderings that you've shared. Thank you, Jeanne. You touch so many hearts...

Heather Sunseri

Amazing post, Jeanne. I'm sitting here wondering how much pain I self-inflict instead of letting God comfort me. I should give in and let him take my hand more often.


I needed to hear this today, Jeanne, thanks!

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, everyone. I love reading your thoughts. And thanks for the prayers. I need them!

Much love,

Sherri L Woodbridge

Jeanne - you have such a beautiful way with words. I can truly understand your 'heartache'. I have learned (a lifelong process!) that the parts we don't let go of are parts that we hold back from allowing God to work through. That was an Aha moment... My prayers will be with you as you let go on Monday...



Jenn Calling Home

This is beautiful...and so is your granddaughter! Blessings!

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