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June 10, 2010


Sherri Murphy

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Beautiful songs, and thoughts- from both of you.


I'm dreaming and praying for the courage to dare.

This was beautiful.. thank you!

Becky Ramsey

Just lovely. And you're so right. We have to find our child heart within us and go with what feels absolutely true to each of us.
Thank you!


Every time i see that video i am amazed at how ridiculously talented she is.


Kelly Langner Sauer

i love this post. you are so right. i love it. thanks for today's inspiration.

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks for stopping by, Sherri, HisFireFly, Becky, Luke, and Kelly! I appreciate your kind words. Sweet dreams to each of you! :)

Love, Jeanne

deb @ talk at the table

Jeanne ~

I'm going to share this with my daughters, they will find it goosebump giving as much as I .

( and I'm so so thankful for the timeliness of your words. )

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