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June 14, 2010


Jeanne Damoff

Love this, Madison. We live in a small Southern town where they still collect garbage the old-fashioned way, and where local farmers stick a sign in their front yard for passing motorists to know when a crop is ready. Last weekend we drove past George's favorite spot to buy peaches, and the sign was up. He'd already passed the driveway when he noticed it, so he pulled onto the highway shoulder, did a U-turn, and went back. At the end of the gravel driveway, an elderly woman sat alone under a tent sheltering tables full of boxed and bagged peaches. Jacob and I stayed in the car, so I didn't overhear their conversation, but the woman looked all business. George bought a peck, loaded it in the back seat, then backed up to turn around. I glanced up just in time to see the woman smiling and waving. Then I noticed Jacob had waved to her first.

Once again I'm rebuked by Jacob's innocent simplicity. How is it we forget that people are made for relationship and community? We each know we crave it, but we still float through much of life locked in a personal bubble, never rubbing shoulders with the people around us, never hearing and entering their stories.

I hope the fresh strawberries were divine. And I hope you get a chance to tell the farmer you thought so.

Love, Jeanne

susan fish

Peaches, Jeanne? Peaches?

Your post, Madison, made me stop to watch our garbage truck this morning. I have been very grateful for those guys for a couple of years now, ever since we moved into the house of a former pack rat. Every week, we continue to leave more of her stuff at the curb, and every week they take it away.

The other evening, we drove by a farm stand where bouquets of flowers were left alone, along with a tin can you could put money into. My kids wondered about the wisdom of this, but I loved it.

Madison Richards

Jeanne and Susan,

I love that there are places like this left in the world, where people are still just people and it doesn't take a latte to make a person smile. I've spent too much of my life in and around big cities, and it's made me forget the perfection of a ripe strawberry and a sunny smile...sure am glad to know folks like you are out there too, and we can all just keep it simple sometimes!


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