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July 15, 2010


what a great article Jeanne. I've used the N word when it came to self-publishing (as is, Never!). With the same breath that shouted Never, I whispered to the Lord that the work he was doing in me and through the study I was writing were my "firstfruits" and I wanted to give it all to Him to give glory. So imagine my surprise as I consult printers, marketers, design...and move forward to offer this as a ministry, not a profit. I'm just starting out, but it appears that God is being faithful to me in the pictures, free design and marketing help, and an amazing price for printing. It's just enough for me to choke out a "yes"...and I will do it. Thanks for your inspiration today.

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks, Nicole. I'm so glad my words inspired you. I pray God will continue to guide you and bless your offering by making it a blessing to others.

Patricia Hunter

Powerful words of truth, wisdom and humility, Jeanne. Though our circumstances differ, the message resonates. I know this to be true for me: "He provides everything I need, and in His mercy denies the lusts of my vanity." One of my conversations with the Lord goes something like this, "You know, Lord, if you would just provide me with a good camera and/or let me sell my photos like so-and-so instead of giving them away, I could......(long list - fill in the blank)." I don't always feel like being a "cheerful giver." I'll be curious to see how others answer, but for me, the joy - the peace - returns when I in true humility ask God to give me what I cannot muster up in myself, accept God's unique call on my life, and cherish the words of encouragement God sends my way (through precious hearts and souls like you). Much love, Patricia

Jeanne Damoff

I love your comment, Patricia. And your heart. Your photographs are some of the most beautiful and inspiring I ever see. It's as though you capture the soul of your subject matter. And then I walk into a gallery and see ho-hum photos that someone has stuck a huge price-tag on, and I'm supposed to assume they're brilliant, even if they don't move me in any way.

Obviously money is necessary to function in this world, but I'm not sure why we automatically associate the price of something with its actual worth. God certainly doesn't. Of course, it's not a sin to achieve financial success, either. Like you said, the important thing is to discover and accept God's unique call on our lives and to encourage others to do the same.

Thanks for being a consistent encourager in my life. I appreciate you.

Love, Jeanne

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