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July 16, 2010


susan fish

I've heard that the last month of pregnancy can be described as the second half - it feels very long indeed. Blessings on you with all your labours and births!

Madison Richards

Melanie -

I've found with parenting that our kids go through cycles of about six months each where they test the limits and try to figure out where their boundaries are, and we have to tighten the reigns and show them exactly where they stand. Then for about six months they happily play within their boundaries, understanding them, respecting them (for the most part!) then suddenly they've "grown up" a bit and want to know if the old rules still apply! Back to testing, back to pulling on the reigns...You can watch it cycle, and if you think of it this way, it makes it a little less frustrating - "ok, I guess it's time for her to test us again. Let's show her where she stands"...

Anyway, I love your idea that a child is a work that requires editing for a lifetime. We get to do it for the first 18 years then if we do our jobs right, they become their own editors! It does help to remember that we're not just raising children, we're raising adults...

Good luck to you and do let us know how things turn out!!!

Much, much love!

Jeanne Damoff

I always think it's amazing how the end of pregnancy seems to last forever, and then it feels like you turn around and your baby is already toddling across the room. I can't believe my youngest is 25 now. Seems impossible.

I pray the Lord gives you grace for all these moments--the waiting, the "editing," the cycles of testing both in parenthood and in creative productivity. May He enable you to enter each adventure with active presence and appreciation for the fleeting nature of all things temporal.

Such an exciting season for you and Simon!
Much love and prayer for your dear family,

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