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September 14, 2010


Jeanne Damoff

Love this, Heather! Great thoughts on presence, and that play sounds like a total blast! Lots of extra work ahead of time for the director and actors, but how fun for everyone in the long run. It reminds me that a great writer loves his reader as he's writing. Everything changes when we go from flipping burgers (making a buck) to lovingly preparing a feast to be shared and savored.

Love, Jeanne


pertinent heather!

(but now I'm going to have Gilligans Island theme song in my head all day. Thanks.)

Madison Richards

Congratulations on your coming arrival! (Yes throughout all of this I zeroed in on the very last line... does that make me ADD?? ;)

I love your thoughts here... have been making a serious effort lately to read real books (the kind with pages you turn instead of screens you click on or swipe) and stay off the flittering information super highway so that I can participate in real life.

Art and meditation (of sorts) are close brothers who've been separated by our culture. We need time to allow thoughts and ideas to swell and percolate, both as readers and writers - as artists and patrons of art.

Great post...

Madison :)

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