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September 16, 2010


Miz Melly

Thanks for this reminder Jeanne. It's scary to let go of the things that we believe we need/want/desire and believe will bring us peace, even if those things are inspired by God's Spirit. It's SO counter cultural to just seek first the Kingdom, knowing that it may not bring personal happiness but that's not the point. The point is making God the centre which is where peace resides. It's such a challenge when the Empire around us calls us in the opposite direction. I pray for us that we have the courage to follow the call, the strength to count the cost and the confidence to share the joy!


I have been praying about, believing and speaking to others for quite some time about my belief in Phase 3. The Holy Spirit truly convicted me of that interpretation. Thanks for sharing so clearly!

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Good word, Jeanne.

Madison Richards

Ah, the evolution of self... This maturity continuum that moves from self love to others love to God love and moves farther and farther outside our own wants and needs is so freeing and beautiful.

When Franklin planners came out it was so revolutionary for me - write it down and it no longer has to stay in my head, taking up space and stressing me out! It freed my soul from the tyranny of the urgent.

The freedom that comes from truly letting go and letting God is similarly freeing, only it frees our spirit to be connected to its source instead of being tethered to the world and its trappings. It frees us to love others consistently and honestly, because we finally realize it is NOT about us, and much to our surprise, it never really was...

Thanks so much for putting this in such a way that we can all identify with the different phases of our lives and hearts. I so appreciate you and your gift with words...


Jeanne Damoff

Thank you for your lovely comments and thoughts, friends.

Love, Jeanne


This is so beautiful that it makes me sigh with contentment (and immediately save a link to my Desktop). This is something I am just now learning - I am so happy that I can say I'm entereing Phase 3! I can't wait to see what delights await me!

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