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September 26, 2010



I think most bloggers are stunned and don't know quite what to say or are waiting for more information to unfold before commenting.

As to Christian media/journalists, I've been surprised by how quiet they have been. No reporting on this topic, really?


I am glad to see you write about this, Dee. When leaders of Christian media keep quiet about such issues, it can come across as support. For examnple, I would have liked to see more Christian leaders in media speak out against the preacher who wanted to burn the Quran. When Christians keep quiet about such issues, we let the mainstream media speak for us. That's my rant. ;-)

Hey, Pat! I didn't mean bloggers, which are more like op-ed columnists; I meant press. Press knows that they don't have to wait, because the information they need is now public record. They also reporting news has nothing to do with taking sides. In fact, press cannot take sides. They just report. That non-reporting concerns me. Not just on this issue, but on many things have happened in the past on my watch as a Christian journ.

I believe that we were created to counter mainstream media. Yet, when we don't respond--like Tina pointed out-- then it appears that we have taken a side, to pretend as if the matter doesn't exist.

Tina, agreed. I wanted a response from our media regarding Pastor Terry Jones' Quran burning debacle, Joe Barron's Prestonwood foolishness, and many other stories that make it to mainstream media newsfeeds before us.

I understand that we don't want to promote sin, and that is a legitmate concern. However, if we reported right. If we stopped mimicking the world and use Christian Media as a Christian education component for The Body of Christ, then we may be onto something.

A friend of mine mentioned today a great example of a story that should have been written about last week's events: "How do parents respond to their children when church scandal finds its way to the school playground?"

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