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November 18, 2010



Our family also had informal jam sessions. Anyone who played an instrument would join with the voices. Grandma played the spoons- others - guitars, harmonicas, bass, accordian, piano. I have fond memories of these weekends either at home or camping. I would find a corner and a blanket and fall asleep to those sweet sweet sounds of songs, laughter, and stories mingled.
Your post made me thankful.

Jeanne Damoff

That's so great, Kathleen! I love the mental image of Grandma playing spoons. :) So glad the post prompted special memories for you. Thanks for sharing.


Great piece, Jeanne! My family is very much like yours ... prone to spontaneous harmonizing. Even as adults, we do this.

Have you see the Random Acts of Culture performances, such as the singing of Handel's Messiah at Macy's? I'm reminded of that while reading this tonight.

P.S. -- Is that you twirling in the photo? Love it!

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks, Jennifer! I'm not surprised to hear your family is a musical bunch. Music remains a constant in adulthood for us, too, and it seems to have only increased with the next generation. I love it!

I haven't seen the Random Acts of Culture performances, but they sound wonderful. And, yes, that's me twirling. Dancing is also a constant. We aren't famous for being quiet or sedate. :)

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