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December 09, 2010


Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

My heart beats with every beautiful word and photo here, Jeanne. My life is rich in the simple things. Rich. You and Ann both inspire. It's not always easy to make these decisions about gift giving at Christmas. I love to give gifts, as I'm sure you do, as well. I've sponsored a Compassion child for my two 4yo grandsons as their Christmas gifts this year. We'll continue to cover the monthly sponsorship until they are old enough to contribute, but we want Diego to be a gift to Gavin and Mason that will hopefully encourage them to grow into cheerful givers to the least of these. Diego is also 4. He is from Guatemala, so I'm also giving the boys a book about Guatemala, a blow-up globe, a framed photo of Diego, and a special box of letter writing supplies.

Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Jeanne...and the link to Jubilee's music.

Much love,

Jeanne Damoff

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift for your grandsons, Patricia! We love Compassion International and consider them one of the most (if not THE most) effective ministries to poverty-stricken children. We sponsored our first Compassion child eighteen years ago when Jacob was eleven -- an eleven year old boy named Surachia from Thailand -- and Jacob wrote the letters to him. It was life changing for our kids to love and serve and pray for someone who lived with so little. Surachia long since graduated from Compassion's program as have others we've sponsored through the years, but there are always more to take in.

You are giving your grandsons something far more valuable than toys. You're teaching them how to sing into eternity. Blessings on you, your grandsons, and your simply rich life.

Love, Jeanne

Madison Richards

Beautiful. Wonderful. Thoughtful. Joyful.

Thank you for sharing your heart and your most beautiful gifts with us...

Much love,


deb @ talk at the table

I am back ... I read and then went to Jubilee's site and listened to their music.. and then got sidetracked.

This post, these photos... this is the life .

I know in my heart that ripples from your gifted love continue to make a difference in my life and those I touch.
I hope this is how we all see our lives, as you said , even in the simple, we cannot know.

Tina F

This is so lovely. Thank you.

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