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January 06, 2011


Mary DeMuth

I'm so sorry you're going through the aching place right now. Lord, be with Jeanne and her family, but be particularly with her mom. Whisper Your sweet love into her ears. Help her know you in the slipping. Amen.

LaJoyce Shrom

Jeanne, thank you for the beautiful blog about your family. Your family are in my prayers for healing,peace and comfort.

Anne Mateer

Ah, Jeanne. I love your heart and your words. Beautiful.


This touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing.

Mama Zen

Beautifully written.


Oh, Jeanne. Words escape me right now. Thank you for sharing your aching place with us. You are a beautiful soul. Love you.


Jeanne, as the mother of daughters I weep over the sweetness of your story. Thank you.


Been there, Jeanne. It hurts. Who can capture the grand scheme of it all? Jesus knows. Love to you and yours.

Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Jeanne, I know some of where you live - your heart and ache and the holy sweetness that runs through them both - and your words have captured that place beautifully. May you cling tightly to the Lord of all comfort in both the joy and the bittersweet, the embracing and the letting go. I love you, sweet Jeanne. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

deb @ talk at the table

well, I'm mostly silenced.
and through tears
send love.


Thank you for sharing this, for calling out beauty in the midst of both tragedy and joy, sorrow and celebration.

Jeanne Damoff

Thank you with all my heart, kind friends. I like receiving comments as much as anyone, but much more dear than mere comments are your sincere words of friendship, love, and prayer.

Much love,

P.S. Amen and amen, Mary. Lord, hear our prayer.

Miz Melly

Oh Jeanne, you have such a tender mother heart. I pray the Lord protects it and keeps it soft as you live in the aching place for this time.

much love


Thank you for sharing from your aching place. It touched my soul. May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His Face shine upon you, and give you peace.


Beautiful, Mom. You've seriously got a gift... you've taken us all to that "magical and mysterious" place with you through the art and honesty of your words. Thank you!


Well. You made me cry.


Madison Richards

Life doesn't ask us what we want. Sometimes it comes flooding in on a rush of waves and other times it rides on the silence of a tender moment. You've both lived through and captured both.

Your grace and strength give me hope.


I, too, cried. Multiple times.


Dear Jeanne, thank you for sharing your heart. It touched mine deeply. Angelika

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