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February 08, 2011


Momma Mindy

Loved your post today. I was just telling someone last night that when I get bogged down with life and writing can become a chore, I've learned to remind myself, "I love to write!" Not only do I love to write, I need to write.

The snows of the winter season are necessary to water spring's flowers and fill her streams, our writing winters will also bear fruit.

Jeanne Damoff

Such a good word, Madison. Thanks for your honesty. And I loved the video. It hits way too close to home. It's so much easier to take the safe and sheltered path and assume it's the right one than to take the next step into wild and crazy faith when the wind and waves threaten to knock us off balance.

May He meet you in the waiting, and may your roots go deep.

Much love,

Madison Richards

Thanks for the encouragement gals! I finally ventured out onto the slopes again yesterday and had another great day... A confirmation of the very real ups and downs (no pun intended) of life! I have a friend who always says "Enjoy the good days, endure the bad days, and keep pressing forward".

Here's to moving on!


I don't know you, Madison, but you don't strike me as a quitter. You collect experiences and express them once they've cooked long enough. Once all the ingredients are added and the simmering's done: you serve the tasty dish.

And everyone asks for seconds.

Madison Richards


Thanks so much for that... If you would have asked me a couple of years ago if I was a quitter, I'd have said no way! Never give up, never give in, never quit!

Life has deflated my bravado a bit, but maybe that's not such a bad thing!

And the funny thing is, I can see the light in the distance now. I can see that all of a sudden there is life on the wind. I guess some pots just need to cook longer than others!

And for everyone reading this post, I hope no one takes offense to this video clip I've inserted - the point I was trying to highlight was the end - that life (and writing) necessitate a certain amount of risk - and that I haven't been willing to risk lately. There are some that might view this video and take from it a guilt message - that it is somehow necessary to risk in order to earn God's love or good marks. This is not my heart, nor is it intended by me to be a statement of theology. Grace, people - grace!

But as always, balance is crucial...

Thanks again,

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