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May 03, 2011


Jeanne Damoff

Good word, Madison. I think the things that fill me most are unexpected glimpses of raw beauty, family, music, and worship. It's sometimes hard for artists to silence the inner material gatherer and to simply be present in the moments of our lives. But, like you said, we need to. If our art is the flower, our living deep is the soil.

Thanks for this reminder.

Love to you.


This might seem trite, but I've found a bit of 'filling' and invigorating just in wandering around It is such a wonder and a blessing to see the plethora of creative gifts God has lavished upon people, and the many ways they are displayed there, as well as the delight of seeing artists invest in their passions, talents, and dreams. I've found it heartening, delightful, and inspiring to my own creativity as well.

Madison Richards

Thanks Jeanne... I love your analogy of how living deep is the soil I may use that one again!

Joelle - Agreed! I am constantly being both inspired and challenged by that which I read or see all over the Internet. Of course it has its life-sucking inherent evils, but there is also a lot of good here - you just have to dig a little for it!

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