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May 02, 2011


Jeanne Damoff

Michelle, I'm so excited that you will be sharing your unique take on faith and prayer through visual art with us. Your artwork not only gives you a faith release, it speaks to and encourages my faith, too. I look forward to journeying with you here!

Love, Jeanne

Madison Richards

Beautiful! I remember a discussion we had a long time ago about that book (Praying in Color) ... So glad this has brought you life! Looking forward to seeing and "feeling" more from you!!


I so admire your ability to put what is in your heart and soul on canvas or paper. I'm looking forward to more posts. And while we've talked/written about this I know that I have things to learn. I feel it already.

Jennifer Oldaker

God speeks to you through your paintbrush! You are an amazing Artist! And one day, when we're sipping wine on a beach somewhere far away, I'm gonna say, yeah, "That's Michelle Pendergrass, and I've known her since 6th grade!" Let the paint flow!!!

mich pendergrass

Jeanne & Madison--Thank you. I can't wait to see where this takes us. I've never really written about my process. Could be interesting!

E & Jenn--<3 you both xoxo


Hi Michelle, I was so happy to follow the trails God leaves in our lives...I found you through a comment Paulette left on your facebook page. God began a new work in my heart a few years back and used visual journaling in a big way. I am now leading visual journaling workshops at my church. I am continually amazed at how HE uses this in each life. There is something about working on a page that slows us down and opens us up and creates space for God to enter.

Grace and Peace

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